We Were Bored At The Chinese Buffet, So We Created A Challenge

Recently I was at a Chinese buffet with my girlfriend for a cousin’s birthday. Since we had visited these sorts of buffets, over and over, we were somewhat exhausted.

To engage ourselves, we had the plan to have a challenge.

The topic was: which one of us will make the fanciest plate with our food? Obviously, we had an awesome time.

Wontown levitation

This was the first design of the challenge. Not a bad start!

Oignon ring volcano

Was really impressed by the creativity with this one.

Unconstructed Chinese noodles

I was not really impressed by this one. It seemed not very creative.

Eggroll fantasy

Another impressive one. Indeed it tasted like some fantasy.

Unfinished Yakitori on potatoes

A rather simple one though.

Petite Pile of “Pilons de Poulet”

This one does not seem much of work but it actually took a lot of time to set it like this.

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