Video Shows Man Trying to Kick a Dog Before Getting Amazing Dose of Instant Karma

Dogs. They’re simply mind blowing, right?

I regularly end up attempting to legitimize why I don’t have my own canine… they’re faithful, they’re cherishing, and they make the best colleagues. What’s not to cherish?

However, in spite of the majority of their astonishing characteristics, there are still some a**holes out there who appreciate treating our four-legged companions like total soil. There’s nothing more terrible than creature misuse, so it’s constantly pleasant when these individuals get a decent portion of karma.

Furthermore, splendidly, video film has turned into a web sensation this week after a man was recorded running at a stray little guy with the intend to kick it, falling-over fabulously, at that point being pursued off by another pack of stray canines. Karma, bitch.

We don’t deserve dogs.

Truly, we truly don’t.

They’re adorable, they’re cuddly, and they’re so damn unadulterated.

Truly, we truly don’t.

They come in all shapes and sizes.

We evidently got exhausted with only one sort of pooch, so long periods of reproducing has come about in there being a huge number of various kinds of canine… and they’re all cute.

And they remain one of our nation’s favorite pets.

Let it out, us all annoyed our folks for a pet pooch sooner or later during our childhoods… or adulthoods…

But, remarkably…

There are some people out there who just don’t like dogs.

Okay, dogs aren’t for everyone.

Furthermore, that is reasonable enough. In any case, what isn’t reasonable enough is when individuals disregard and misuse hounds, or any creature, besides.

Too many people still hurt and abuse innocent and defenseless animals…

What’s more, they frequently legitimize their activities through their religion’s or nation’s customs which, as British humorist and every living creature’s common sense entitlement dissident, Ricky Gervais, called attention to, doesn’t make it alright.

And now, one animal abuser has gone viral for the best reason.

A video demonstrating a man endeavoring to kick a blameless canine on the shoreline has been circling on the web.

The dog appears to be a stray.

Also, as opposed to simply leaving the alone be, the unidentified man chooses to keep running up and attempt to kick it, a lot to the clear diversion of his companions.

But people are relishing over the instant karma that the man received.


Since there’s nothing superior to anything a smidgen of merited comeuppance, right?

The video starts like this.

The man is seen dashing towards the canine out yonder, who appears to be ignorant of what is going to occur.

He clearly makes a bee-line for the dog.

Also, his companions can be heard giggling out there as he dashes towards the blameless pooch.

However, just as he reaches the dog…

Karma strikes and the man falls over in a spectacularly comical fashion (I’m talking a “legs in the air” kind of fall here, people).

And, to make things even better…

As the man falls and the blameless pooch dashes away in alarm, another canine rises up out of outside the camera shot and immediately keeps running towards the culprit, who scrambles to his feet and runs away.

Then, all of a sudden…

An entire pack of canines rises and they all keep running close by of the now-terrified man.

Then man then falls over again.

The video ends with him in the sea…

And is subsequently surrounded by a lot of dogs, which he doesn’t seem too keen on kicking anymore.

You can watch the full video here.

“Don’t call this creature a man.”

People were shocked by the man’s blatant animal cruelty.

And they loved how the other dogs ran to his defense, with one Facebook user writing: “Don’t mess with my bro! That’s what those other dogs are thinking. Straight up got your back for life!”

Moral of the story?


Karma is, in fact, a bitch. Goodness, and don’t mishandle creatures. It doesn’t make you enormous or astute… it just makes you an a*hole.

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