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Two Swiss Tourists Recreate ‘The Simpsons’ Episode Of Homer’s Food Tour In 54 New Orleans Restaurants Shot For Shot

In the event that we think about all the youth motion pictures and TV programs that we grew up with, the first that will likely fly into our psyches will be The Simpsons. The network show that stole a great many hearts and first appeared in 1989, is viewed as the longest-running American sitcom and the longest-running American scripted primetime TV arrangement ever. The demonstrate that delineates run of the mill common laborers life, exemplified by The Simpsons family, has likely a huge number of fans who had done insane things to respect the well known show. Furthermore, this time, we might want to display two of them.


Katrin von Niederhäusern and her companion Janine, both of whom believe themselves to be committed enthusiasts of The Simpsons, one day chose to leave their home in Switzerland and head on a gutsy excursion to New Orleans with a reason to reproduce the rich culinary montage from “Lisa Gets the Blues”, the seventeenth scene of the arrangement’s 29th season in 2018. In this scene, Lisa is debilitated from playing the saxophone and The Simpsons who end up in New Orleans chose to brighten her up by going to Jazz Fest. While Lisa recaptures her certainty, Homer finds the stunning beverages and nearby nourishments which New Orleans brings to the table. The ladies amusingly reproduce every scene while one attempts to duplicate Homer and different plays the various characters inside the scene.



“We just love both so much: New Orleans and The Simpsons. So when in this one episode, both things got combined, we got so excited, we decided to make a homage to it. After googling, we found out that those 54 restaurants exist in real life. And what we admire so much is how accurately detailed the makers of The Simpsons are. Everything looks just like it. So impressive.” – Katrin told.



“Even though we planned ahead a lot, there were still some obstacles during filming: a restaurant was closed on Sundays, a restaurant was closed forever, the dish was not on the menu anymore, the dish was out of season, the dish was never on the menu, the restaurant was under construction, another one was closed for the summer break. In one of the restaurants, the sign was not as in the cartoon on the window, but it was on the main entrance of the restaurant… The door, where every customer comes in. So to still have the right shot and perspective, we needed to convince the restaurant owner that we can set up our camera and a whole table just right in the front of the entrance door. Thank you Emeril’s for letting us do that.”



“But the biggest challenge was to imitate Homer! A man with great charm but not so great manners. We had to lie on the table, sit on the floors, eat with fingers, eat with the whole hand, lick the plates, and put shrimps and a ton of fries in our mouth. Everything under the constant observation of the other – very disturbed – restaurant guests.”














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