This Sleepiest Chihuahua Ever Can’t Handle Grandma’s Singing

When you need your life to be the happiest life. Do not wait for anything else. Go and have some animals in your life. Animals are perfect partner of your happiness and sorrow. They make life chirpy and comfy. Innocence of cats and beauty of birds is mesmerizing. Scroll down to see such a beautiful combination of human and animal.

This 70-year-old Thai musician has a Youtube channel where she posts videos with her dogs

Malinda Herman singing “I’d Love You to Want Me”

You can watch the adorable video below

Meowing from Herman’s kitty

70 years old Malinda has her You tube channel featuring her dogs in videos

Albeit the tiny chihuahua is her favorite of all

Here’s how people responded to the videos

Another video that went viral on Facebook with 1,6M views shows how soothing Malinda’s voice is to her chihuahua

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