This Man Gets Pooped On While Explaining The Pigeon Poop Problem On Live TV

While the vast majority of us have had awful occasions, the universe simply wants to point fingers at certain individuals more than others. Is it safe to say that it isn’t simply comical when everything gets contorted such that somebody gets precisely what they request? Or on the other hand not really get some information about at times. We here at Bored Panda sure love these the most and thank the universe for being the world’s most noteworthy prankster. This time, it played a joke on a government official who was clarifying an issue live on nearby TV. What’s more, kid, did he get the opportunity to demonstrate his point right at that point, in that spot. Look down to discover more!

This train station in Chicago has quite a reputation and is nicknamed ‘the pigeon poop station’

Equitable State Representative Jaime Andrade was giving a live TV meet at a Chicago Transit Authority quit clarifying the issue behind the dreadful epithet when a pigeon chose to hop into the show and exhibit where precisely the issue originated from. The man was somewhat surprised from the outset, not certain if that truly occurred but rather in the wake of running his fingers through his hair and giving the columnist a chance to check it too, he was persuaded he got crapped on and shouted, “That is what befalls my constituents. They get poo on constantly!”

Watch the hilarious video right here

The Internet knew exactly what to say about this crappy situation

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