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This Instagram Is So Satisfying It Will Give You An Eyegasm

One of the most well-known inquiries with respect to aesthetics is that what things are considered as art?’ To Adam Hillman the response to this inquiry is as expansive as it is limited. Adam organizes ordinary objects into dynamic examples to subvert their customary use and reclassify them as artistic innovation.

“I grew up fascinated with art history, so it seemed natural to want to create my own art,” he told. “Instead of traditional painting and sculpture, I wanted to use materials that reflected the time I live in, which is why I use everyday objects.”

1. Chocolate Paradise

Food is arguably his most common choice. “Unlike more permanent mediums, food is transitory, and can only be preserved through methods such as photography,” Adam explained. “Because I use Instagram as my way of exposing my work to a larger audience, I use food because it is something that is unique to photography because it can only be experienced through reproduction, unlike painting or sculpture which are better experienced in person and can be bought and sold as an object.”

“Likewise, unlike mediums designated as high art, food can be more readily understood and enjoyed by everyone, making it a more democratic option.”

2. Jelly Jello

“As we live in a time dominated by widespread food-based advertising, I think food art is becoming especially relevant. Rather than seeing grocery stores as merely a means of sustenance, it redefines these seemingly utilitarian stores as areas of artistic possibility, making viewers more perceptive to the aesthetic possibilities of everyday things that they would normally take for granted.”

3. Fruit Pattern

4. Green Shaped

5. Eggs Mountain

6. Designed Bread

7. Chocolates Patterns

8. Lollipop Art

9. Coffee Designs

10. Red Food Art

11. M’n’Ms Circle

12. Blue Food Art

13. Magnificent

14. Food Blocks

15. Abstract with Food

16. Apple Mania

17. Art with MnM’s

18. Pills it is…

19. Abstract Art with Jellies

20. Cookie Mania

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