This Guy Posts Trash He Picks Up And It’s The Only Instagram Worth Following

by Sabahat Waheed
3 minutes read

Where we are busy in Instagram scrolling down the cutie kittens, watching our favorites there are some serious problems to be addressed also. Pollution, the number one problem of today. Specifically, pollution caused by plastic is the most spreading and dangerous. Most of us do not hesitate to think of an empty tin as a football. Bottle’s cover as our toss coin. But there are some other people around who tell that only we are responsible for this pollution. We can clean this mess up.

Instagram account “Peterpicksuptrash” portrays the importance of cleanliness. He posts photos of trash that he picks from his surroundings. Every image has a message which clearly says that clean the trash up.

Bored panda approached Peter. He was asked about his habit. He replied that he got this habit about 2 years back. He used to go for lunch. He mostly passed by litter at every inch. Most of other people also walked on that trash. Then one day i thought to dispose this trash. Handful of trash at a time.


“When I went for lunch. I came across this litter. It took almost seconds to pick it up and throw it in trash bin. It was an easy task.”


“I found a trash on ground. I picked it up and disposed it off properly. It was easy.”

His bio on Instagram states,” I want you to know that how simple and easy it is to pick up the trash and throw it into a dust bin. One can easily do it. Let’s do it together, Let’s save our planet.”



“Found this stuff on footpath. I put it up and disposed it off. There was snorkel, Fork and a meal.”

He further expressed his views, ” Disposing the trash off properly is the simplest and easiest task that one can do. It does not involve any energy consumption. This act can be revolutionary if we all come up with the same act. It can be a survivor for our earth.”


“It took less than 15 seconds to throw it away.”


“On footpath, I found it in front of me. Instead of walking over it, I picked it up and threw it away. The easiest task of the day it was!!”

When Peter was asked about his family acknowledgement about this act. He replied in positive. He described that his family is of the same view as he has. This act does not involve any mental and physical energy. This little act can contribute much to this Planet.

As Julia F.Carney said

Little deeds of kindness
Little words of love
Make this earth an Eden
Like the Heaven above


“Instead of walking on trash on footpath. I put it up and threw it away.”


According to our world in data article published in 2018, by 2015 “the world had produced 7.8 billion tonnes of plastic”, which is more than one tonne of plastic for every person currently alive. The big problem with plastics, compared to other materials, is that it takes a long time (some plastic items can take up to 1000 years) to degrade. And according to data, by 2015 around 55% of global plastic waste was discarded, while 25% was incinerated, and only 20% recycled.




I was leaving work. Your voice was roaming in my head that it was easy to pick it up.







“I picked it up after 6 miles of walking.”




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