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This Guy Finds Out That His Face Is Being Used All Over China To Advertise Churros

We as a whole have our inclinations with regards to sustenance yet allows simply be straightforward here, not many of us can oppose having a sweet tooth. Simply consider every one of the desserts, chocolates, fleecy marshmallows this world can offer you. Be that as it may, the present story is inclining more towards some customary pastries.

Clearly, your adoration for some specific sustenance can get you renowned… And truly, obviously, there’s a trick here – it can get you popular in the land where nearly the sky is the limit. On the off chance that a little noisy voice in the back of your head simply murmured ‘China’, congrats for being right. Look down to perceive how a person discovered his picture identified with some pastry is being utilized all over Beijing.

For those of you who don’t already know, these are churros

Only to find out years later, his image is being used in China

He might have never known if it wasn’t for a friend traveling in China

Who noticed his image right in the middle of several churro shops in China

The picture was apparently taken from his friend’s Flickr account

Only in China, right?

And this is how he actually looks without the snack in his hand

Churros in China

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