This Boy Gets Suspended For Fighting Back Against The Girl Who Beat Him At School And People Are Furious

Tragically, bullying is still a common issue in numerous schools. Numerous youngsters experience the ill effects of interminable prodding, verbally abusing and now and again, even viciousness from their companions. As indicated by the National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice, the same number of as 20% of understudies matured 12-18 experienced tormenting in 2017. Kids who are encountering harassing are bound to have negative issues identified with mental and psychical wellbeing. They are bound to encounter sorrow and tension, have diminished scholarly accomplishment and wellbeing objections. Notwithstanding the staggering impact harassing can have on children, we regularly observe instances of how grown-ups and instructors neglect to fittingly intercede and support the people in question.

Recently, a video of a battle breaking out on school grounds became a web sensation. In the common video, a young lady hassling a kid is plainly obvious. The unidentified young lady continued hitting and driving the kid around, challenging him to hit her back. The kid attempted to fight back and make tracks in an opposite direction from her, yet after she gave no indications of expecting to disregard him, the kid hits her back. This flashes savage conduct from the young lady’s companion who is additionally hit by the kid. Nonetheless, individuals who have viewed the video seen an agitating point of interest – understudies and educators possibly mediated when the kid began to battle back however did nothing when the kid was being badgering.


The kid from the video joined the talks by offering more subtleties on how the circumstance unfurled. Later he composed an update saying that he got suspended for the battle while the school is researching the occurrence.

“So basically me and my friends talking and we hear her say that the school is dumb ass s**t for running a dance after the tragic we had this morning and my friends said that the school can we whatever they want and she didn’t like that and she said that “everyone that goes to that dance need to get shot and put into a grave” and me and my friends were like this b**ch crazy and she started yelling at my friend and I started to laugh and she said she will “smake that smile on my face” and I said ok whatever and she said “you think I’m playing games” I continued to say whatever and she was like ok after class you will see. I said ok and we got out of class and I walked out of the 2000 building and she said “hey pussy we’re are you going” I then turned around and looked at her and then she started yelling in my face and she started to get close to me and that’s when the video started. I walked backwards all the way to the vending machine and her friend dropped her bag like she was about To do something so I dropped my bad and then I continued to say back up I don’t wanna get mad and then she swung at me and then I said ” last time do not touch me” and then she started yelling in my face again as I’m still trying to get her the f**k away from me and then she swung again so then I slapped her with a open hand and then her friend grab and rips my t-shirt and I turn around and hit her, then she come back and then I hit the crazy b**ch again then a teacher split as up. What I did was f**ked up and I wish I could change it, but I didn’t want to turn my back to her and have both of them behind me so that’s why I did what I did. ”

“Ok so there is rumors going around and I’m going to explain to everyone. All 3 of us got into trouble, it is unknown how long I’m suspended. I do not know what happened to the other girls yet and I don’t know if I will ever know. But the school is still “investigating” the fight and they do have the full video. I do not know what is taking them so long to give me a date for how long I’m outa school but I will keep everyone updated.
And when the girl yells don’t touch me ever again, I was putting my hand in between us so she can’t get any closer to me, but she keep getting closer and my hand was touching her chest and I continued to tell her to back up.”

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