There’s A FB Group Where People Share People That Look Like Adam Sandler And Here Are 20 Of The Best Examples

What’s befallen Adam Sandler?

When Hollywood’s most well known loveable good for nothing,

featuring in moment works of art like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore,

his decay to film industry lemon has been observable.

His films have consistently been equation based, unsurprising and mushy.

That may have been OK for quite a while during the ’90s yet things have

proceeded onward and for reasons unknown, it creates the impression that Adam Sandler simply hasn’t.

Fans ought not surrender however,

on the grounds that some unique Adam Sandler-based substance still exists.

View, the People who kind of look like Adam Sandler however aren’t Adam Sandler Facebook page!

Since it turns out,

it’s Adam Sandler’s films that are standard,

however his face, as well.

The page praises the many,

numerous doppelgangers of the Waterboy himself, and with over 200k

supporters is presumably more mainstream than his most recent discharge.

Look down to look at our top choices underneath, and let us realize what you think in the remarks!

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