Take Pictures Of Strangers In The Street To Make Them Characters In A Crime Novel.

When I understood the 20 photographs of the serie “Solemn Insomnie” in winter, around evening time, in the lanes of the place where I grew up,

Montpellier, I definitely realized that they would be joined by a situation in the soul of the motion pictures police in highly contrasting, what I didn’t

envision right then and there is that this thought would age and wind up causing me to compose a wrongdoing novel.

Everything began when I searched for a spot to introduce this arrangement. I needed to display with a unique thought and chose to include people in general.

Recount to a story through media and interpersonal organizations and enable everybody to discover the executioner among every one of the

suspects displayed, at that point go to the show to find the part of the arrangement.

I fundamentally composed this entire story and the possibility of ​​making a book “of workmanship and fiction” forced itself.

Also, here is an extraordinary experience that starts!

Discussion about the undertaking, discover supports, ensure that all components are facilitated with the goal that the show begins simultaneously as the arrival of the book.

This venture I am understanding, the show and the book will be discharged on December thirteenth. On the off chance that you like police interest with homicide, witnesses, suspects and intimations, tail me for me instagram @loic_casanova and find very soon the start of this creative execution.

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