Scientists Develop Vaccine That Could Stop Cat Allergies

by Sabahat Waheed
4 minutes read

Allergies can take any form. Some people are allergic to nuts. Some can get allergy with air even. While some others are having allergy with animals.

If you dislike animals and you are allergic to them. Then it might be a blessing for you. But if you are an animal lover. Then this is the worst and cruelest thing that can happen to you. You are having your furry fluffy lovely pet but you can not hug it. What an irony!!!

Do not worry now we got a solution for animal allergic people. No more itchy eyes and sniffy nose.

Swiss scientists have discovered a vaccine for allergic animal lovers. It will surely work.

Keep reading if you want to know a detail about vaccine that will let you cuddle your cat.

Cats. You either love them or you hate them.

In U.S., cat has remained the most famous pet.

Though they aren’t always the most enthusiastic of pets…

In real, Some of these cats are very adorable and amazing.

Dogs are out, cats are in

Today’s reality is that today there is no more need of annoying dog. Fluffy hugs by furry cat is today’s need.

And, as a result, the internet is now riddled with cute and funny cat videos.

Lil Bub Cat GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

You can not neglect the fact that once! at least once in your life you have googled for funny cat videos.

We just can’t get enough of our feline friends

Funny Cat Wtf GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Can you overlook this piece of bread at her head!!?? For sure, no one can not.

Long story short, cats are just the best.

Cats are simply the best. The best means no other better companion for life other than a cute furry cat.

Some people are allergic to cats.

Actually, Etiology of allergy is not an animal itself. It is caused by the protein present in cats fur called as Fel-d1. The protein particles are spread by fur or hair of cats on beds or couches which further cause allergy.

This protein can cause a rush of histamines in allergy sufferers.

Protein particles stimulates histamines. It is the part of immune system.

Itchy eyes, stuffy nose are symptoms of allergy.

Though some side-effects can be more severe.

This allergy can get a serious turn to people who are already asthmatic.As a result, immune system overreacts to the particles. It causes constriction in airways. Constriction ultimately causes difficulty in breathing.

There are some temporary cures already on the market.

Mostly people take antihistamines. These tablets can reduce flue like symptoms of allergy. But can not cure allergy itself.

But, sadly, there is no approved cure for a cat allergy.

Immunotherapy can be a solution to problem. It causes a slow relief by exposing sufferer with allergens. But it is too slow procedure.

However, the end to a lonely, animal-less life is in sight.

No, you will not have animal less life. As Scientists have announced a vaccine which will cure allergy completely.

A new vaccine has been developed.

Switzerland’s scientists have discovered a vaccine. It will surely cure cats allergy from which about 10% of us are suffering in U.S.

Researchers have been working tirelessly towards a cure for years.

It took about 10 tireless years to develop vaccine. This vaccine will deactivate Fel-d1 protein of cats. As a result, no more allergy.

Those who are afraid of needles need not worry

No need to worry about the needle because this Hypocat vaccine is for cats not for the allergic person. This vaccine reduce the number of protein tremendously.

The HypoCat vaccine caused the cats to produce antibodies that destroy the protein.

The scientists from the University Hospital Zurich, in Switzerland explained the incredible thing. They demonstrated that 54 cats were vaccinated. All of these have produced antibodies against the protein.

Within the next 3 years, the vaccine could well be available.

This vaccine will be helpful for both cat and the sufferer. Sufferer will be saved from asthma. Cat will be saved from animal shelter.

Because with the growing number of allergy sufferers…

The more cats allergy is spreading, the more cats are forced to live in animal shelter.

More and more cats are being abandoned because of the allergy.

The British charity, Cats Protection, explained a sad fact. They told that they get almost hundred phone calls from an owner who is allergic to cats.

Because cats are the new man’s best friend…

Some people say that cats are simply evil. But ask them to whom their cats are the best friend. Ask to the people who have never found any creature cuter than cats.

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