Sanders Panders to Lower-Income Americans by Playing Squier P Bass at Debate

MIAMI – During the 2020 Democratic primary election campaign a senator named Bernie Sanders did a popularity stunt by playing a modest Squier Affinity P-Bass in front of a poor audience to attract their attention to vote.

He argued that America’s significance is more because of normal working class people rather than elite class. He utilized his last few seconds of his speaking time to play a slap bass subject to Seinfild and said that his bass tone is the consequence of a utilized crate which he got from Craiglist.
To make a point about his focus on healthcare, he shouted and insisted people that this tone is for both rich and poor. He got a cheerful acclaim before propelling into Metalica’s Anesthesia.

His performance was demonstrated as his full attention for the rights of America’s working and middle class people.
His one supporter and a craftsman Bud Sexton from 2016 said that he’s the right person who will fight for the rights of people. Furthermore he demonstrates it by pointing out that Bernie used an ordinary P-Bass rather than Jazz Bass made of gold parts.

Other candidate named Andrew Yang criticized Bernie in his debate by saying that hr picked P-bass not because he wanted to, but because he was not able to play the other one and blamed that he saw Bernie practicing it back stage and he failed to play. He also made false statement about bernie that he will never fulfill his promises. Advancing the allegations, an unknown source stated that Sanders possesses different Rickenbacker basses in his house which is worth 2k$ per piece. The sander hasn’t reacted yet to the accuses yet.