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Ryan Reynolds Congratulates Wife Blake Lively On Her Birthday By Posting The Worst Pics Of Her And 5.6 Million People Love It

Actor Ryan Reynolds and his wife do fun together. Most of the couple do so. But the difference between them and others is they troll publicly. People appreciate and love their fun together.

Mostly, we do celebrate the days’ of our loved ones by different ways. For example some do it by revisiting their favorite places. Some celebrate by posting their good pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Many do both of these. Ryan thought about revised version of such idea. He posted his wife’s flattering pictures. These were amazing. Just scroll down.

Ryan Reynolds posted an Instagram gallery compiled of 10 pics to congratulate Blake Lively on her 32nd birthday:

Pictures started with their happy couple photo. Weird picture of his wife holding her belly. This image is telling about the pregnancy report of his wife. They are going to have baby near October 2019.

Blake’s candid picture

Lively is very lively

Blake and Ryan – City Hall

Movie GREEN LANTERN make them fall in real life love. They got married in 2012. They had their first child in 2014 named as James. Their second child (Inez) born in 2016.

Blur smile

Happy couple

Cheesy Blake lively


Blake and Reynolds both are extrovert. They both love to poke each other on social media. They just give proper time to their family life. They do not let their children be under the spotlight.

They both do not take the same project at a time. If one is working in  Thailand and other in Vancouver. They work together as a team. They take good care of their children. They spend the quality time with each other and with their children.

What is your opinion about couples pranking with one another? Is this a healthy behavior?? Must share your ideas and your value thoughts about it.

Here’s how he congratulated Blake two years ago:

And here’s how people reacted to the hilarious post

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