Plastic Surgery Patient Breaks down After Man Calls Her a Blow-Up Doll

Plastic surgery accompanies its dangers, and it is up to the individual having it to choose whether or not they need to go for broke so as to look the manner in which that they need to look.

With plastic medical procedure being somewhat of a pattern at the present time, it appears that everybody has had some type of restorative medical procedure, regardless of whether that is attentive fillers in the cheek or a bosom development that will give you twofold Ds in a simple couple of hours.

In any case, with plastic medical procedure comes a great deal of analysis, with many differing that filling our bodies with silicone is adequate.

One lady as of late got herself a casualty of despise from an outsider concerning her new lip fillers. Continue looking to hear the full story…

It seems that everyone has had some form of cosmetic surgery nowadays…

Smaller procedures are genuinely reasonable, implying that an ever increasing number of individuals would now be able to get to plastic surgery and accomplish the look that they’ve constantly needed.

Cosmetic surgery can look great when done reasonably.

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Procedures such as botox and fillers can be used to achieve a natural and youthful complexion… when applied to the minimum.

Celebs have taken over the world of cosmetic surgery…


Who could overlook the minute that Kylie Jenner originally got lip fillers in 2013 and endeavored to deny it?

She’s presently open and pleased with her silicone lips and they have really changed her into a totally unique individual.

But plastic surgery can go very wrong…

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Donatella Versace is known for more than just her fashion empire…


The Versace entrepreneur is known for her OTT botox and fillers that have left her face in a forever swollen state.

Donatella has never taken a stand in opposition to her medical procedure tactless act, yet it’s sheltered to state that she is continually slaughtering it.

Jocelyn Wildenstein is perhaps one of the most famous celebs for having extreme surgery…


The New York socialite started exploring different avenues regarding medical procedure in 1997 and it has since been accounted for that she has spent roughly $4 million on restorative methods.

She has been nicknamed “Cat Woman” and “The Bride of Wildenstein” because of her drastically extended face and puffy highlights.

And not forgetting the Human Ken Doll…


Rodrigo Alves has had practically every corrective system there is.

That incorporates lip fillers, botox, pec and stomach muscle inserts, liposuction, and even rib expulsion, which were all intended to make Rodrigo look as plastic and as “immaculate” as could be allowed.

Even the smallest of cosmetic procedures hold their risks…


Lip fillers are one of the most well known cosmetic surgeries and individuals appear to be fixated on having stout and attractive lips.

The Duck Lip craze…

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While stout and tasty lips appear to be alluring, there are been numerous individuals out there who have permitted somewhat a lot of filler to be infused into their lips, leaving them with “duck lips.”

A video has recently gone viral of a distraught young woman…

She says tearfully: “Everybody was telling me that my lips were going to swell down… and my lips look the same! I waited a week already and they’re still the same.”

She is clearly upset with the results of her lip job…

“Look at this sh*t,” she says, turning her head so that her lip size can be seen dramatically at a different angle.

“When I was jogging, some guy came up to me and stopped me, and he told me I look like a blow-up doll.”

Her encounter with the stranger upset her terribly…

She went on to say: “He said he would put his c*ck inside of her throat.”

“That was so f*cked up and mean,” she said through tears.

This poor woman didn’t deserve the cruel comment…

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People have been taking to Reddit to leave comments of support, such as “Aww poor girl. She needs to go back to her surgeon because that really doesn’t look right. Her body is acting like it really doesn’t like what was injected into it. I hope she didn’t go to a self-taught surgeon who uses cement for fillers.”

Not all comments were sympathetic, however…

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“I have no idea. Where are they finding all these troglodyte boomer men who think dead coral bleached hair, balloon t*tties, blow-up doll lips, and ass implants look good? For f*ck’s sake, looks like a Barbie doll got left in the oven,” one wrote.

A highlight of the negative attitude towards cosmetic surgery…

“Am I the only person who thinks it’s a bit creepy for a guy to go up to a woman and say what was said to her?” another user pondered.

Regardless of a lady’s appearance, it is totally inadmissible to abuse somebody along these lines and make her vibe this agreeable.

It is obscure whether the video is legitimate. Watch here to make sense of for yourselves…

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