Pit Bull Drags Baby by Diaper to Save Her From House Fire

by Musfirah Khurram
4 minutes read

Presently Pit Bulls have a truly awful rep.

They’re viewed as a breed that are rough, difficult to control, and a physical risk – particularly to little youngsters. The notoriety of Pit Bulls is poor to the point that, as of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, the proprietorship and rearing of Pit Bulls were restricted in the U.K.

This negative rep has spread crosswise over to our very nation and, as of now, owning a Pit Bull is unlawful in ten states. In this way, in the event that you live in Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, or any of the other seven states wherein pooches are not greet, you are really carrying out a criminal offense.

The inquiry today is “would a criminal do this?” – and by “this,” I signify “spare an infant from a consuming structure.”

These guys look pretty harmless…


Maybe it’s more of the stereotypical Pit Bull owner that’s the problem.

Instead of the issue being simply the breed, the way that Pit Bulls have such an awful rep could be down to those that normally claim them.

Plainly, they are a respectful and steadfast breed, yet on the off chance that they are reared to do awful things, can you truly accuse the dog?

Tough on the outside, great big softies on the inside.


I think that Pit Bulls appeal to a lot of people with a hardened exterior. People tend to get dogs that they feel an affinity to or look like. I definitely think that Pit Bulls appeal to people who are a little misunderstood.

Two babies and a Pit Bull?


Truly, I’ve really been raised with a slight dread of Pit Bulls. I surmise that accounts of the mutts gnawing children’s appearances and such made me generalization the whole breed.

Seeing this Instagram post of two children tranquilly playing while their pet Pit Bull watches resembles not at all like the sort of thing that the media depicts these puppies as doing.

The pooch isn’t notwithstanding taking the child’s toys to bite on. Astonishing.

There’s one Pitbull whose heroic status cannot be disputed.

Nana Chaichanhda, of Stockton, California, had no clue that her eight-month-old pet Pit Bull, Sasha, had such a chivalrous streak.

That is until one fateful night…


Unbeknownst to Ms. Chaichanhda, a fire had broken out in a neighboring apartment.

The entire Chaichanhda household was tucked up in bed.

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Counting Nana’s seventh-month-old young lady, who was in a different room from her folks.

Nana woke up to the sound of Sasha barking.


She had never heard her pooch bark so noisy and naturally realized that something must not be right.

She left her bedroom to go and see what was wrong with Sasha.


It was then that she realized that the apartment had caught fire.

Instinctively, Nana headed to the baby’s room.

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But the heroic Sasha was already present there.

She had managed to jump into the cot.

Utilizing her teeth, the pooch had got hold of the child’s diaper and was pulling it to security.

At the first sign of a fire, Sasha had not run away to save her own life.

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His aim was to save the family.

Nana grabbed the baby and the pooch and got them out of the apartment.

Thankfully, no casualties occurred and everyone got out of the blazing building safely.

If it wasn’t for Sasha alerting Nana to the fire, who knows what could have happened?

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So much for Pit Bulls being the danger… on account of Sasha, that basically isn’t the situation by any stretch of the imagination.

The family are currently dwelling with Nana’s auntie and, concerning Sasha, I’m certain that everybody’s happy that she’s near.

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