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People Are Posting Hilarious Pictures of Their Irish Wolfhounds and They’re Huge

Puppy love.

How cool is that!! the size of owner and this dog is same. He gets too excited at the arrival of his owner.

There’s a puppy on my paw.

This huge dog has a puppy. This puppy gets fit onto his paw.

Make yourself comfy.

He needs a lap of his owner to have some rest.

Look at those happy faces.

Whatever they are chasing for made them happy.

I’m not that big, am I?

We tried a lot that he might get fit in this chair. But still he doe not fit.

Takin’ it easy.

Resting makes his day well.

It’s a hard life.

Size of his mouth is noticed by the kitten. She was comparing it to her size.

Doggy cuddles.

Seems like he is afraid from thunder. But hugs can solve it out.

A light spot of exercise.

What a move!! Some sought of new move in exercise!!

He needs his teddy with him at all times.

What an amazing thing it is!!

It looks like this dog doubles as a couch.

His body is enough for his friends.

He’s such a big boy.

Who is dragging the other?? confusing!!

Look how tall he is…

How awesome his massiveness is!!

This kitten has bagged the cosiest spot in the world.

Kitten is seeking protection under her big bro.

The perfect bed buddy.

The maximum distance between him and owner.

A pair of cuties.

Both are complementing each other.

Quite the handful.

Owner has to feed all.But their cuteness is above all.

There is so much adorableness in this pic.

Irish Wolfhound are the biggest of all.

Dachshunds on board.

Two Dachshunds!! Is there anything else cute!!

There’s no room… sorry.

There is a big couch for all the puppies around.

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