Nobody Asked For These 7 Inventions, But I Created Them Anyway

by Khadija Khurram
2 minutes read

I, Matt Benedetto, have been cooped up throughout the entire summer in the Unnecessary Inventions research facility, making a fresh out of the plastic new cluster of creations that take care of issues that don’t really exist, with items you truly didn’t request!

Presenting our most up to date 11 manifestations for you to scorn, contend over, and make you question your very own life. In such a case that you wind up really craving to utilize any of my most current creations, you ought to rethink your life right away!

Make certain to tail me on Instagram and YouTube to keep awake to date with every innovation as it’s made! You can look at my past development posts here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Present your thought for an Unnecessary Invention in the remarks underneath and perhaps, quite possibly I’ll breath life into it!

Meet the Lego Socks!

Say adios to that excruciating experience of stepping on a Lego when you slip on these comfortable socks.

Each pair features a flexible sole with a geometric hole pattern to simply pick up each brick without harm!

Watch how the Lego Socks came to life!

Stop wasting perfect real estate around your steering wheel and have your favorite drinks at hand when you are out and about.

Choose the perfect spot around the steering wheel of your car and snap on this perfect cup holder.

Hit your local bakery and pick up some steaming hot freshly baked bread knowing you will keep it safe, protected, and dry all the way home.

Slide this French delicacy into our ergonomically designed pouch and cinch it up to be on your way in no time!

Completely turn your life around with our handy little sock storage device so you never misplace any of your precious socks.

Three proprietary sock hangers are included to neatly and safely hang your sock collection.


If dogs are a man’s best friend, don’t you think they deserve opposable thumbs?!

Introducing our drill bit ice cream cone extension kit! Strap on our universal bit, slide in your favorite ice cream, and full throttle ahead.

Eating your Ice Cream cone just got kicked into high gear.

The Tear-Rings™️

Our latest fashion accessory clears those tears whenever they start running down your face.

Our refillable cartridges arrive on a subscription basis once every other day so you can take a stand against your anxiety and depression.


Text your besties like it’s 1969!

Our new smartphone attachment brings back the good old days of rotary phones but with a new 2019 twist. Plug the device into your smartphone and start spinning away letter by letter to send your next message.

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