No Shave November Close To Touch Million dollar fund

No Shave November close to touch million dollar fund for cancer awareness program

The No-Shave November foundation started their fundraising campaign since 2009 after the official establishment of their organization. Each year they raise funds for the cancer awareness program and also for the cancer research program. This year they are encouraging all men around the globe to drop their razors for the whole month of November and donate that money which they would usually spend on shaving and grooming their beards. Not only men, but they are also encouraging women to take part in this campaign and to stop waxing their legs this month.

According to the official website of the campaign, it is not solely for the purpose of raising funds but also “is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.” This year, the No Shave November foundation is raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer foundation, and also for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. All three organizations currently work for the research and betterment of the cancer treatment.

No Shave November 2018

Infinite CBD and The Beard Club are now helping the campaign as the main sponsors of the program. Besides, Shave.Net, Edible Arrangements, NBC Sports, and Whirly Ball also now working for the noble cause as the main partners of the campaign. The campaign already raised $771,337 this year. 12,893 members, 1,247 teams, and 261 organizations already enlisted their names as the participants of this year’s No Shave November campaign. And, here goes the detailed leaderboard of this year’s fundraising campaign:

Member Leaderboard

Rank Member Raised
1 BD Global R&D $10,875
2 Edison PBA Local 75 $5,875
3 Denver Sheriff Department $5,850
4 Mark Gibennus $5,425
5 Matthew Zaft $5,025
6 SG Cellular Sales $4,100
7 Theresa Hill $3,701
8 Tim Moore $3,475
9 Team Shelburne $3,377
10 Sullivan County PBA $3,050

Team Leaderboard

Rank Member Raised
1 ARCO Construction $16,035
2 DC Annapolis Complex Team Morgan Stanley $15,975
3 BD Global R&D $10,975
4 Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office $10,050
5 Team KPMG $9,984
6 KPMG_DPP $9,190
7 ContainerPort Group $8,381
8 SCSO $8,295
9 Team Homebridge $5,760
10 ABS Bearded Bankers 2018 $5,660

Organization Leaderboard

Rank Member Raised
1 KPMG $29,639
2 BD Global R&D $11,225
3 World Shipping $8,776
4 New York State University Police $8,642
5 Pampa Police Department, Texas $4,685
6 Sussex County Sheriff’s Office $4,400
7 West Palm Beach Police Department $4,205
8 Matthew Hill Foundation, Inc. $3,851
9 New Haven Police Department $3,781
10 Polk County Sheriff’s Office $3,410

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