3 Teams That Have The “IT” Factor To Be NFL Giants In The Future

If this NFL season has taught us anything it’s that this league is no longer one where all of the usual favorite teams have their future secured like before. If you look at any of the top NFL odds platforms online, you’ll see that the times are changing and teams that before were seen as perennial jokes or lovable losers are now starting to truly pick up steam and make a case for what they could be bringing to the league in the upcoming years.

With this said, we bring you a list of our picks for three teams that if worked on properly both on and off the field in the next couple of years could end up becoming some of the most important and successful franchises in the NFL.

New England Patriots

While the New England Patriots were by far and near the most dominant football team in the NFL from 2001 and 2019, after seeing their star legendary QB Tom Brady leave New England to enjoy the sun and fun in Tampa Bay playing for the Buccaneers, times of darkness and change landed upon the Patriots. But given that Patriots coach Bill Belichick does not necessarily understand the concept of having a team in which losing can become a constant, he got right back to work and decided to see the storm through and start forming the next great generation of Patriots for the future.

While his first season without Brady was one for learning from mistakes and seeing what was rescuable from the past, a true change in the dynamics of the team came after the 2021 NFL draft in which the Patriots selected former Alabama QB Mac Jones to be the leader of this new generation of Patriots football. Now, after his first full season as a pro and with the Patriots in the playoffs once again, all while playing some of the most effective and constant football in the league, Jones seems like he is ready to take on the responsibility of leading the Pats back to their usual promise land, the playoffs and even the Super Bowl. With Jones at the helm of the offense and with one of the best defensive lines in the game, Belichick and New England look like they could be one of the best and most profitable bets for anybody looking for a team ready to take over the league in the next three to five years.

While it might not be the flashiest football that New England plays, it certainly is the most effective football and that might just be the key to success for Belichick and his players moving forward.

Cincinnati Bengals

I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a Cincinnati Bengals team that I thought “wow, look at that, the Bengals actually know how to play football”, but then I watched the Bengals throughout the 2021 season, and all of my negative thoughts were put to rest. While many Bengals and football fans in general thought that times would be changing after Cincinnati drafted Joe Burrow, his first season in the league was anything but stellar. But now, after the Bengals hit the draft this season once again and got Burrow his favorite WR from back in his LSU playing days, Ja’Marr Chase, the tides are officially changing in Cincinnati and the future looks very bright.

The Bengals, led by one of the newest, but yet most exciting and offensive-minded coaches in the league, Zac Taylor, and with players like Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, Joe Mixon, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd to name a few, have made it a point to put their division, conference and the whole league on notice that they are ready to show everyone what they got. After winning their division this season and showcasing some of the most exciting offensive football in the league, the Bengals are more than ready to take over the league shortly.

Indianapolis Colts

With the Colts, instead of focusing on one specific player or a slew of positional players, it’s easier, best, and more positive to focus on this team as a whole and what they offer. Both on offense and defense, this team is rock solid, and it looks like all of the efforts made by the coaching staff and execs have begun to pay off immensely, and will continue to give off even better results as time continues to go on.

Led by RB Jonathan Taylor, who took over all of the spotlights in the running back department in the league this season, the Colts are starting to become a football machine that no team wants to have anything to do with. If they can manage to keep QB Carson Wentz healthy and playing at the best of his abilities, combined with the overall talent that surrounds the team and a winning culture that can be seen in every play, the Colts will definitely be a team to fear in the next years.