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Neymar expresses his anxiety due to Covid-19 quarantine phase

The Brazilian star, Neymar, recently expressed that he is suffering from anxiety due to the uncertainty of live football due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The star also expressed that he wants global football to resume as soon as possible. He also admitted that he is missing his teammates of PSG.

Due to the current COVID-19 scenario all over the world, all the major football leagues are completely shut down. Starting from La Liga to Premier League, every big league around the world is now on hold. And, the league that Neymar now plays for, the French Ligue 1, is not an exception.

Neymar expresses his anxiety due to COVID-19 quarantine phase


Neymar wrote in his personal blog, that “Not knowing when I can return gives me anxiety. I really miss playing, competing, to be in the club environment with my PSG team-mates.” And with that, the Brazilian football star expressed his worries about live football and also talks about his own mental health.

The PSG star said, “I really miss football. I’m sure the fans also want to see everyone back on the pitch as soon as possible. I hope the decision comes out as soon as possible.” While talking about his own daily schedule and training, he said, “The condominium has a large space for cycling, a football field, a sports hall and equipment that can be used, as long as the rules of social distance are respected.”

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The Brazilian football superhero then also discussed his daily life and said, “My routine consists of breakfast, a first training session, rest and throughout the day, fun activities, which end up making me spend energy. In some cases, specific and general workouts are divided into two periods.”

Mediapro president Jaume Roures recently opened up about the transfer rumor of Neymar to Barcelona. He said, “It’s impossible now.” He then further added, “The club no longer has the economic capacity to spend, I don’t know how much.”

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