Most Attractive New Coaching Jobs For the 2022 NFL Season

Now that the 2021 NFL regular season has come to an end, and with the playoffs in full motion, there has already been big news coming from the coaching hot seat world in the league. Six teams already, the Jaguars, Bears, Giants, Vikings, Dolphins, and Broncos, have all parted ways with their head coaches from last season because of their lackluster tenures, with all of the best NFL stats platforms all backing said claims to justify the departures. While six is already a shocking number, it could end up going up to seven or eight depending on what managerial moves the Raiders and Texans end up making.

But with all of this said, and with the six previously mentioned teams all out in the coaching market looking for their next skipper, which are the most attractive teams that the top coaching candidates will certainly be looking at when the time for negotiating comes along. Let’s take a look.

Jacksonville Jaguars

It wasn’t that long ago that the Jacksonville Jaguars held the top spot for having the most attractive and available coaching job in the league. As a matter of fact, it was before the beginning of the 2021 season. Knowing that they had practically found their quarterback for the future in Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence through this year’s draft, they needed a head coach who could back up all the hype and lead the Jaguars to victory. Well, after hiring former collegiate legendary coach Urban Meyer to lead their project, and having said project fall back down to the ground, with Meyer’s firing being the last straw in said failure, the Jags are back in business as the best available coaching gig in the league.

With the Jaguars entering next season with 10 draft picks, $72 million in available cap space to hit the free agency party as well as having Trevor Lawrence, who will be on a mission to prove to everyone around that he has the skills and chops to become a top-tier QB in the league, how could it not be such an enticing job? The key here will be for both the team and potential coach to be able to lock down a three to five-year plan in which the development and consolidation of this team will be the primary focus, that and getting rid of all the bad energies that Urban Meyer left behind. Once all that is done, then Jacksonville could end up becoming a great franchise soon.

Chicago Bears

The coaching job over at Soldier Field is not one to ever be taken lightly, but still, every time the slot opens, given the history, tradition, and fan base that the Bears hold, it’s impossible for it not to be right up there on every list of most attractive coaching jobs around. Just like how Jacksonville at least has their QB conundrums settled for the near future, so does Chicago, at least tentatively.

After drafting Justin Fields in this season’s draft, the Bears are in a position where they feel more comfortable than ever in regards to their QB department. Both on offense and defense the Bears have enough playmakers to not have to worry about having to build a team from the ground up. The main key to any success for Chicago will be choosing a new general manager that will either bring in his guy to take over the coaching job or pick out the right candidate for the job. If the new GM and the new coach get off to a roaring start and Fields proves that he has what it takes to be the Bears QB for the future, this team will thrive.

Miami Dolphins

Why the Dolphins let former head coach Brian Flores go after his team posted one of the strongest winning streaks in the 2021 NFL season at 8-1 is something that practically nobody around the league understands. Sure, the Dolphins got out to a rough start, with QB Tua Tagovailoa showing signs of low confidence and insecurity on the field and the team not being able to click, but once all the pieces came to place, Miami took off and gave everyone around the league a pretty good scare.

But now that Flores is gone, the coaching position at Miami is hotter than ever. While the lingering possibility of Texans QB Deshaun Watson moving to Miami for the upcoming season is still up in the air for some experts and the hopes that Tagovailoa will be able to cement his status as the Dolphins’ franchise QB, the new head coach will at least not have to lose any sleep over who will be passing the ball for his team. On the other hand, the new head coach will surely have his work cut out trying to finish rebuilding and establishing a starting offense that can play up to the needed levels, especially since Miami’s defense is one of the game’s more solid units.

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