Netflix Drop First Trailer For ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Starring Aaron Paul

BREAKING BACK BID!! is such a marvel. It has grabbed all the attention of audience for last six years. Its vast variety of characters. These characters make us to think about it.

Just scroll it down to see the variation of ideas and characters.

There’s nowhere else to start but with the man at the top of the meth empire — Walter White.

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Played by Bryan Cranston, Walter went through the biggest changes we’ve ever seen from a TV character.

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In the first season, Walt was a lowly cancer-stricken chemistry teacher with no idea how to pay his medical bills.

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By the end of the show, he was ruthless.

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By the end of the show, Walt would admit who he really was.

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Today, Bryan Cranston seems to be… in a happier place.


Although he still has time for some Walter White-style creepin’.


Next, let’s look at Walt’s protege, Jesse Pinkman.

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Played by Aaron Paul, Jesse was a former burnout student of Walt’s.


Nowadays, Aaron Paul is in big budget movies like Need for Speed.

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And his collaborations with ol’ Walter White aren’t over.


And even though Walt’s cooking completely destroyed her life…


… she became a bit of a badass in her own right.


Then we come to good ol’ DEA agent Hank Schrader.

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And while he was hunting Walt (without knowing he was hunting Walt)…


Dean Norris portrayed Hank, and we are not sure he was ever acting.


Hank was married to Marie.


And she could not tell the difference between rocks and minerals.

Marie was played by Betsy Brandt, who is now doing a play in Pasadena, California.


Walter Jr. was always a bit of a smart-ass.


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