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Neglected Dog Gets A Second Chance At Life After Owner’s Death

In the event that one thing warms the heart without a doubt, it’s perusing an account of a creature being safeguarded from an existence of agony and enduring. One such fortunate doggo is Ellie Mae who was dismissed so severely that when she went to the safe house, it was about difficult to recognize what creature she was simply by taking a gander at her.

The Nebraska Humane Society gave Ellie Mae the pooch a makeover that totally changed her life. The canine was an unrecognizable tangle of untidy hair, however after some affection, consideration and a lot of diligent work, she was new and shimmering once more. Stories like these truly cause you to put stock in the decency of humankind by and by.

Ellie Mae the dog was brought to the shelter looking like this

Ellie Mae got a second chance at life after staff at the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS, however not to be mistaken for the more generally realized British National Health Service) cut her hide and treated her wounds.

The doggo had a lot of health problems

The doggo was neglected after her owner died, and couldn’t even move. The entire process of cleaning up Ellie Mae was long and arduous. But the most difficult part was helping her get her strength back because she had plenty of health problems, including a hernia, muscle wasting, and arthritis.

Two weeks after she was brought to the shelter, you wouldn’t even believe that Ellie Mae had been suffering from overgrown matted hair. One Twitter user said that Ellie Mae “appears to be a Shih Tzu or maybe a Shih Tzu mix.”

Ellie Mae looked unrecognizable after her makeover

The web responded with loads of help when they heard the doggo’s story. The story got more than 6,000 upvotes and more than 136,000 perspectives on Imgur when it was posted.

NHS has in excess of 146,600 devotees on Facebook, 26,700 fans on Instagram and 32,300 supporters on Twitter. That is an enormous number of individuals who bolster what they do! NHS has had a lot of time to consummate what they do. Established in 1875, it’s the fifth most seasoned others conscious society in the United States.

The general public safe houses creatures “who have no spot to call home.” NHS takes in more than 30,000 creatures (counting untamed life!) every year. So it’s no big surprise that it has a gigantic group: 150 staff individuals work at NHS, and a further 600 volunteers devote their opportunity to assist creatures simply like Ellie Mae.

The internet went wild with love and support for Ellie Mae

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