My 20 Wholesome And Funny Comics Inspired By My Relationship With My Fiancé

by Khadija Khurram
1 minutes read

Wyatt and Blu is a webcomic about the adorable and silly existence of a hued haired couple.

I began Wyatt and Blu on the grounds that I was following a couple webcomic specialists previously, and inevitably, chose I needed to make one myself.

Also, I used to compose a great deal for the sake of entertainment, so when I got some answers concerning webcomics, I figured this was an approach to begin again and do it normally — so here I am.

I compose the funnies, and band together with a magnificent artist to make the craftsmanship.

The strips are to a great extent roused by my day by day life, association with my life partner and what’s for the most part occurring on the planet.

The strips are happy and have a blend of ordinary amusingness, sentiment, and great vibes.

The objective of these funnies is to make individuals chuckle and to, for the most part, spread positive vibes.

I would like to rouse inspiration with these funnies.

I believe it’s the reason individuals appreciate these funnies, and what keeps on rousing me to make these strips!

I’ve assembled a gathering of 73 strips from the previous year here.

Just need a bed to sleep

Personal Photographers

Cooking Together

Blanket Snatching

Travelling Together

Food dates

Favorite Music

Expections VS Reality

Together you can get anything

Shopping Together

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