My 20 ‘Very Ugly Plates’ With Dark Humor Captions

I’m a Berlin-based craftsman making ‘Terrible Plates’. Pretty much each and every thing is roused by a genuine story. Some are drawn from the paltry jokes of my closest companion, who additionally happens to go about as the manager in-boss for a choice of my preferred plate inscriptions. Others are regularly provoked by caught tattle, urban perceptions, or essentially my perspective at the time. Notably, my most moving passionate state is that of dissatisfaction.


We all need this strength

We all have been at this point in life

That’s my baby!

Monday morning blues…


That’s dark

Cutest but broke

Age crisis

Oh Jesus!

Are they?

Looking for reasons to love like…

I did see…

F*** NO!


Just don’t sleep

Puppy needed

Gotta get high

Drama Queen


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