My 20 Needle-Felt Mice That I Turned Into Famous Characters (New Pics)

I adore needle felting, and figured it is enjoyable to make some practical looking mice dolls and dress them up as unmistakable characters! Being so little, they can be fiddly to make. Each mouse with outfit and frill can take numerous hours to make. I trust you appreciate considering them to be much as I cherish making them!

1 Mousewars

2 Mouse Hepburn

3 Mouse Chaplin

4 Little Elvis Mouse

5 Assassin Mouse

6 Mouse Armstrong

7 Mousewars

8 Ziggy Starmouse

9 Hannibal Mouse

10 Mouse & The Chocolate Factory

11 Minnie & Mickey

12 Mouse Quinn & The Joker

13 Mouse Marple

14 Edmouse Scissorpaws

15 Ghostbuster Mouse

16 Mouse Dettori

17 The Mice Girls

18 Mouseleficent

19 Mouse Krueger

20 Mouse Hepburn

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