My 20 Heartwarming Comics That Show How Love Looks

Hey, my name is Winda Lee. I’m a craftsman and Youtuber at WindaLeeDraws. I’ve been showing since 2007 and I adore making anecdotes about affection.

Now and then throughout everyday life, we underestimate love. I do it as well! For me, love doesn’t need to be a bunch of roses or sentimental words. Indeed, even basic things can show love. Like an embrace each time we dismal, or clasping hands together till we’re old. What’s more, it’s around two individuals in adoration, yet with our self as well.

This is my web-comic called Little love which contains an accumulation of basic yet endearing stories. Little yet important.

I trust they can make every one of your day loaded with affection. Appreciate!

Someone For You

Yes, You Are

They Fit Perfectly

Long Distance Relationship


I Love You

My Limited Edition

Notice Me, Baby!


Don’t Let Go

Miss You

Watching TV Together

That Height

Smell Of You

Love Yourself

Perfect Combination

My Heart

For Someone With A Broken Heart


Best Feeling

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