MTV’s ‘Are You The One?’ is the Reality Show Everyone Should Watch

by Musfirah Khurram
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It’s very simple to become overpowered by the sheer measure of reality television that is always tossed at us. For any social marvel or generally obscure gathering, there is by all accounts a show “investigating” the scene. Be that as it may, not all unscripted tv is made equivalent – and one show stands head and shoulders over the rest.

First airing in 2014, MTV’s Are You The One? joins two of the greatest fundamentals of reality tv – muddled connections and a major money prize. A lot of verifiably alluring singles are kept to a shoreline house, told that their ideal match is among the different castmates, and left to their very own gadgets. As you can most likely envision, unscripted television gold pursues.

When it comes to reality TV, the sheer volume of shows can be overwhelming.

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Furthermore, with such an overflow of substance out there, it very well may be hard to discover something that is really worth viewing.

Yet, don’t fear, we’re here to help.

We present to you: MTV’s Are You The One?

Let’s start with the premise.

In AYTO? A gathering of hot singles are dispatched off to some romantic and exotic area. They’re all attractive as heck, however they all have on thing in common, they all are awful are relationships.

But, luckily for them, MTV has done the hard work.

Inside the gathering of singles, there are various “flawless matches.” Each challenger on AYTO? experiences a lot of “logical” tests to decide their optimal sentimental accomplice. Inside the house, everyone has a match.

Everyone knows this going in.

The cast has to find their right match and the whole cast win millions of dollars.

Seems fairly simple, right? But no that is not the case.

Throughout the episodes, the cast get opportunities to learn valuable information.

One such opportunity is the keenly named “Truth Booth.” If a potential match wins a test, they get the chance to enter the mystical booth, which affirms whether they are an ideal match, or, sadly, a no-coordinate.

But that’s not all.

At the end of the episode, we get to witness a Match Up Ceremony. Here, everyone chooses who to sit next to, and, for every perfect match sitting beside each other, they see a beam of light. The twist is that they don’t know which couples these beams represent.

In many ways, it’s an amazing puzzle.

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In view of the light emissions and the data given by the Truth Booth, you can go through hours utilizing the procedure of disposal attempting to make sense of who those dang immaculate matches are.

But for the cast, things aren’t always so simple.

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Since, as simple all things considered for us easy chair analysts to state who is and isn’t a match, for castmates, inconvenient emotions are involved.

Which makes the show a perfect combination.

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From one perspective, it’s a charming factual issue simply holding on to be unraveled. Also, on the other, a group of hotties are making out and battling. Truly, what’s not to adore?

AYTO? first hit the screens in early 2014.

At first, it was a relatively unknown, underground show. But true genius can’t stay hidden for long – and the show soon gained a cult following.

Because this isn’t a show that you can watch in a vacuum.

And it gets even deeper.

Soon after the show’s dispatch, one person (who’s genuinely doing God’s work) set up the astounding Are You The One Math blog. In it, he runs a calculation step by step, enabling the general population to make sense of impeccable matches significantly quicker than castmates.

Of course, the math isn’t the only reason why people are watching.

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Since these appealing 20-year-olds are searching for adoration – by whatever methods available – you could likely figure that it prompts certain NSFW minutes.

Which can lead to some pretty… questionable scenes.

Keep in mind, in season six, when Geles and Michael got it on in the mutual room directly alongside a passed out Zoe? Great times.

The show is never short of surprises.

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The adrenaline surge experienced when a significant couple gets sent to the Truth Booth is top notch. What’s more, don’t kick us off on the sitting tight for shafts during the Match Up Ceremony.

But excitement isn’t the only emotion that you’ll feel.

At the point when a cast can’t get a hold of themselves when there’s a million dollars in question, the irritation is genuine. Frequently, a couple will be affirmed a no match, however they keep on pursueing one another, putting the whole house in danger.

There are always twists and turns within the format.

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Honestly, watching Are You The One? sometimes feels like an emotional rollercoaster. But one that’s totally worth riding.

Because there’s sometimes a happy ending.

Meet Amber and Ethan, from the show’s absolute first arrangement. This ideal match took care of business, and are presently pleased guardians to two of the cutest children at any point seen on Earth.

Then there are the parties.

MTV really put upwards to twenty young, fragile singles into a tropical vacation home with unlimited alcohol and filmed the whole thing.

Then there’s the unbelievable reunion shows.

In June of this year, the show entered its eighth season.

What’s more, this was a season with a distinction. Rather than having hetero couples, every individual recognizes a role as explicitly liquid – implying that, for each cast part, every other individual is an ideal match probability.

There’s another reason that season eight has stolen our hearts, though.

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Each of the cast members has been on their own personal journey, whether it’s navigating a disapproving family or the judgements of total strangers. Alongside being an intensely enjoyable reality watch, it also feels educational and important.

Oh, and, of course, the cast are all hilarious.

Season eight is set to finish next week.

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We can’t wait to see how it’s going to end.

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We’ve as of now got affirmed no-matches sitting adjacent to one another, Truth Booths going to squander, and affirmed no-matches as yet making out behind everybody’s backs. Basically, every one of the things that devotees of AYTO? have generally expected.

But there’s some good news.

In the event that you begin observing now and truly put your brain to it (and we mean truly put your psyche to it), you can be made up for lost time in the nick of time to watch the finale. Get up to speed with the MTV site now – we guarantee, you will love it.

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