Miracle: Missouri Boy Survives after Meat Skewer Pierces Skull

Those who think miracles exist in fairy tales only would have their faith in miracles restored after reading about this incident. The 10-year old boy playing in a tree house tumbled end fell onto a meat skewer placed on the ground which pierced his skull.

The meat skewer passed through the front of his face and came out from the back but miraculously it didn’t turn out to be life-threatening.  Yes, of course, this was nothing but a miracle as the skewer completely missed his eye, brain, spinal cord and major blood vessels.

The young boy Xavier Cunningham is now out of danger and his video talking with the doctors while on the stretcher shows that Xavier is recovering quickly.

The young boy was playing in his home on Saturday afternoon in Harrisonville, about 35 miles (56km) south of Kansas City when this incident happened.

His mother rushed him to the hospital after hearing his screaming and yelling “I’m dying, Mom”.  He was referred to the University of Kansas Hospital where endovascular neurosurgery director Koji Ebersole treated the apparently life-threatening wound.

Surprisingly, it didn’t damage the brain, spinal cord or any major blood vessels. “It was one in a million for it to pass five or six inches through the front of the face to the back and not have hit these things,” Ebersole said.

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