Millennials Are Re-Watching ‘White Chicks’ and Calling It Super Offensive

by Khadija Khurram
6 minutes read

It was a 2004 film industry hit satire featuring the much-adored Wayans siblings, yet individuals are currently re-watching White Chicks and pondering whether it is still as amusing as it once appeared.

Covered with hostile jokes, misogynist references and, some are stating, bigotry, this parody was once so prevalent may not stand the trial of time with the present politically right society on its back.

What’s more, with bits of gossip about a continuation on the cards, could this hit flick rapidly become a miss?

How about we investigate at the absolute most famous scenes. Is it accurate to say that they are still remarkably amusing or would they say they are currently more incredibly hostile?

White Chicks initially hit our screens in 2004.

To place it into setting, 2004 was likewise the year that Facebook was established, Janet Jackson’s bosom was uncovered by Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl and Meet the Fockers was discharged.


The motion picture stars the humorous Wayans siblings.

Marlon and Shawn Wayans had featured in a few motion pictures together before White Chicks, including Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2 and The Little Man.

Now, all that they contacted went to gold. Truly.

What’s more, White Chicks was the same.

For the individuals who have not seen White Chicks, the motion picture includes the Wayans siblings taking on the appearance of, you got it, white chicks.

Playing two FBI specialists who go covert as Tiffany and Brittany Wilson so as to settle a grabbing case, the Wayans are entertaining as ever in this 2004 motion picture.


In spite of the fact that faultfinders panned it, filmgoers couldn’t get enough.

It earned $19.7 million in its opening end of the week and completed with $70.8 million in the cinematic world in the U.S. alone.

We figure we could adapt to faultfinders loathing us in the event that we made that sort of moolah.

In this way, how about we investigate the absolute most famous scenes – some may not be so engaging today.

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We totally love this scene – perhaps Terry Crews’ best execution ever!

His interpretation of ‘A Thousand Miles’ is up there with the most interesting things we’ve at any point seen. We could actually watch it a thousand times and it’ll never get old.

Despite the fact that, to be reasonable, the vast majority of his scenes are comical.

Take this one, when he and Tiffany go out on the town.

What man doesn’t love a young lady who isn’t reluctant to eat something beyond a green serving of mixed greens on a first date?

And after that there is the vehicle scene.

That ungainly minute when you don’t have the foggiest idea about the words to that tune…

We can thoroughly relate young ladies (or fellows, whatever). Simply style it out.

In addition some great old latrine humor.

Poor Tiff, we’ve all had one of those humiliating episodes when lunch simply hasn’t concurred with you and there is nothing you can do about it.

Furthermore, it’s surprisingly more dreadful in the event that you have a crowd of people!

Furthermore, remember about the required “yo momma” jokes.

A few people are simply greater at yo momma jokes than others, and Tiffany and Brittany totally crush it!

Those other two didn’t stand an opportunity.

Powder my nose, kindly

We as a whole comprehend what it feels like to attempt, and epically fizzle, to look cool before your squash.

Furthermore, it unquestionably doesn’t improve the situation when your adversary shakes up and considers you a “coke prostitute”!

Absolutely brutal!

What’s more, what satire is finished without an antiquated move off?

Furthermore, we are cherishing these great moves.

Go, Tiffany! Go, Brittany! You got this young ladies!

Furthermore, presently it appears a continuation is on the cards.

Terry Crews has as of late got aficionados of the motion picture all energized by uncovering he is remaining fit as a fiddle for White Chicks 2.

“I will never under any circumstance escape shape since that motion picture will happen one day.”

Furthermore, Marlon Wayans himself has recently recommended something very similar.

In 2015, Marlon shared a phony notice for White Girls 2 on his Instagram, saying that on the off chance that it got 3000,000 preferences he would make the following portion.


Furthermore, fairly obviously, the post surpassed his desires.

Truth be told, it got over 1.5 million preferences.

Furthermore, accordingly, Wayans stated: “This is a film that my fans truly need. This is a motion picture that unquestionably ought to be made. I’m set for get this going.”

What’s more, since Terry Crews’ ongoing disclosure, fans are getting only somewhat energized.

If you don’t mind goodness if it’s not too much trouble given it a chance to be valid!

To be reasonable for the fans, they have been hanging tight fourteen long a very long time for this. Also, tallying…

In any case, updates on the continuation has caused some twenty to thirty year olds to re-watch the first motion picture and they are not diverted.

Indeed, they are totally annoyed and shocked by this very un-PC motion picture from 2004.

In spite of the fact that to be reasonable, some never preferred it in those days either.

This person certainly believes it’s supremacist.

Are you planning on also addressing the blatant racism & sexism portrayed in the 2004 movie White Chicks? Or does it get a pass on being offensive because the actors were black & male?

What’s more, we can sort of comprehend what he is used to.

As of late, individuals have been called bigot for much not as much as this.

What’s more, some believe it’s entirely hostile to ladies, as well.

The Wayans siblings were likewise plainly deriding the “idiotic blonde” generalization in White Chicks.

This may have gotten giggles in 2004, however not in the present society. Damnation no.

What’s more, to make an already difficult situation even worse…

Many white ladies of the world accept that they have considerably more motivation to be affronted as they comprehend that they are being taunted for both their sex and their skin shading in White Chicks.

Not cool folks. Not cool.

In the case of nothing else, the planning isn’t incredible.

With all the ongoing shock about “blackface”, is it extremely the best time to declare a spin-off of a film where two dark men take on the appearance of white ladies?

We think not.

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