Man Shows “How To Send Sexy Pictures To Your Lady,” And His Post Goes Viral

We as a whole have various obsessions, be that as it may, one man as of late posted a progression of pics that got 425,000 individuals drooling. Highlighting such works of art as vacuuming the front room and doing the dishes, Michael Oonk shared the photographs with a fitting inscription: “How to send provocative pictures to your woman.” Since at that point, ladies have been telling his sweetheart what a fortunate individual she is to have such a decent BF.

Some called it foreplay, others said it’s progressively similar to choreplay, however whatever mark you put on it, it’s as yet hot.

Picture with all the dirt, I don’t it is very sexy. But for him it is, so never mind.

Such a clean basin without any dishes to wash is surely very sexy for any woman out there.

Ewww picture while cleaning the washroom is not something sexy man!

People thought the pics were hilarious

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