Man Brings Assault Rifle into Starbucks and the Internet Responded in the Best Way

An old photograph of a person calmly wearing an attack rifle in a Starbucks branch has reemerged on Twitter this week.

There will never be a truce on the discussion about weapon control and with the shootings that occurred in Ohio and Texas a weekend ago, the discussion regarding why standard regular citizens are permitted to purchase firearms, and are permitted to stroll into a Starbucks with a weapon on their backs, fights on.

The reason that this discussion is in a stalemate is that individuals simply don’t concur.

I can hold my hands up and state that I would feel more secure if weapons were prohibited. Saying that, I realize that there are individuals out there who feel more secure having weapons. So what would you be able to do?

Indeed, I mean, extremely, everything we can do right presently is fire out our disruptive feelings on Twitter. Numerous individuals have done this, and I have ordered a string of the absolute best, a portion of the most noticeably terrible, and a portion of the out and out outrageous reactions to the reemerged pic that I went over.

“What do you mean you don’t have any caramel syrup?!”

It just looks so threatening, doesn’t it?

Charlie Sykes asked the question: How would you feel?


It’s just fashion baby!


You, sir, are such a stereotype…

So it’s America’s fault?

That’s the point though isn’t it, how are we supposed to know that he isn’t a threat?

A picture of privilege.

Don’t believe that white men have privilege?

Many questioned why the assault rifle was necessary…

The bigger the gun…

Some people don’t think that there’s anything wrong with taking an assault rifle to Starbucks.


What a time to be alive!

Growing up in Texas.

A British woman called Lizzy claimed that seeing anyone with a gun scares her.

Proof that gun control works?

Not that everyone agrees…

Maybe he was going hunting?


Turns out, these Twitter users aren’t the only ones worried about random shootings.

People from different nations, for example, Uruguay and China are being cautioned to be watchful when going to the U.S. to abstain from being made up for lost time in an irregular shooting.

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