Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Split After 6 Years of Dating

If you are thinking about the start of their relationship. Then don’t you even worry. We all are on the same page.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx romance was always secret. But in September 2017 it was revealed.

No one will waste his work to know about Tom Cruise’s life. The break up of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes seeming the tragedy for Hollywood.

Together they look too good. She should be happy.

Katie Holmes grew up in a typical catholic family.

They had five children. They grown up in Toledo, Ohio. They got their education from Roman catholic schools.

Their marriage was successful. They were complementing each other.

While Katie’s home life could be considered traditional, her parents always anticipated that she was destined for more than motherhood alone.

Katie was so intelligent to get admission in Columbia. Her parents thought that she would be a doctor.

But she entered into acting. She got role in Ice Storm in 1997.

Booksmart Katie turned down the lead role in Buffy The Vampire Slayerto finish high school.

Fortunately, Holmes’s audition tape was so good that she got the part anyway.

Katie found her first love for life, Joshua Jackson. When she was working on Dawson’s Creek.

The pair dated for the first two seasons of the show.


As young love does not last for longer time. They broke up after the third season of show.

New Millenium, New Man.

Chris Klein (American Pie) was his acting fellow. She started dating him by 2000.

Holmes and Klein both seemed to be in it for the long haul.

She thought she found her soul mate. They got entangled in 2003.

That’s when Katie met Tom…

After seven weeks of meeting, forty-three-year-old Tom Cruise proposed to twenty-six-year-old Katie Holmes.

Scientology was their interest now. Can you have any wild guess!! why it was so???

The pair wed in a Scientologist ceremony in 2006.

Nothing was hanging between them. Jokingly!!

The wedding was celebrated as though they were Charles and Diana.

That seemed miraculous fairy tale to people.

Baby Suri had been born before the big day.

She felt that they had lost the charm of their relationship. Picture is depicting it well. Beautiful imprisoned princess by dreadful and scary prince.

The wedding went off without a hitch.

Wedding ceremony was just the perfect one.

Keeping up with the Beckhams.

Katie reportedly began to feel more and more isolated.

By 2012, Katie Holmes had filed for a divorce.

A year later, Katie started seeing Jamie Foxx.

They could only make their relationship public five years after Holmes’ divorce.

Jamie’s daughter, Corinne Foxx, approved of the relationship.

Having not seen her own father in many years, Suri probably appreciated that Foxx was there.

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