I’ve Been Living In Iceland For A Year Now Photographing Its Beauty

Two years back I finally took my driver’s license, and as a treat when it’d be altogether done, I would move to Iceland. This month, I’ve been living on this little island for one year now. Having recently visited and fallen totally infatuated with nature, I realized that it wouldn’t be conceivable to live here without a vehicle.

Along these lines, following a half year, I at long last found the correct fit and purchased my first minimal four-wheel drive to investigate this nation appropriately. I’ve currently circumnavigated Iceland multiple times, driven more than 20 000 kilometers and encountered a ton of touring. All through this period, I’ve come to find that each side of this island is staggeringly extraordinary, nature-wise as well as climate savvy. For instance, driving from Reykjavik to Jökulsárlón during springtime will give you a chance to encounter all the four seasons in simply a question of hours. This can be very overwhelming in case you’re not used to blizzards joined with substantial breeze, taking steps to push you off the street. However, as long as you bring down as far as possible to strolling pace, there is no compelling reason to stress and you’ll locate the extraordinary changes entirely entertaining.

Anyway, this article isn’t about Icelandic driving conditions, yet the Icelandic characteristic excellence. It’s no big surprise Instagram is pressed with photographs of this dazzling nation, as it’s fundamentally any picture taker’s paradise. Any place you go, there is an astounding theme practically around the bend. You’ll go over spots that don’t appear as though they are from this planet, regardless of whether this be bubbling mud pools, colorful mountains, dark shorelines secured with ice lumps, or “only” a great many amazing cascades. I like to feel that I’ve seen a considerable amount of Iceland during my one year here, however I realize that there is a great deal more to find. Right now, my preferred spots are the lesser-known areas, however giving the developing prominence of this spot, I’m certain they’ll be liberally visited at some point or another.

Along these lines, I’m sharing a determination of my progressively favored photographs from my time here. It’s hard to make this insane photogenic nation equity on photograph, however ideally, I figured out how to catch at any rate a piece of it. On the off chance that anybody perusing this thinks about visiting Iceland, at that point everything I can say is do it! It’s not modest, yet it’s so justified, despite all the trouble.

1. Somewhere in the south. Considered a weed by some, but they’ll improve any photograph with their presence.

2. Diamond beach. May not look like it, but this was an insane wave that managed to hit me all the way up to my waist.

3. Vestrahorn. A different perspective of this very famous mountain.

4. Snæfellsnes. Finally met one of Iceland’s tiny foxes.

5. Reykjavik (it’s a bike path, so no need to worry about him). This is the Icelandic spring.

6. 2 of many Icelandic horses. Despite my dislike for the flies, they do look good on photo.

7. Ytri Tunga. Definition of puppy dog eyes.

8. Skógafoss. The power of this waterfall is so impressive, that I had to clean the lens of my camera after every shot.

9. Snæfellsnes. Nighttime photography during the summer is my favorite time of the year here.

10. Reykjavik. Taken at 2 am.

11. Gljúfrafoss. Hot water cave, a different view.

12. Grjótagjá. Hot water cave.

13. Háifoss. Probably one of my favorite waterfalls, with an impressive drop of 122 meters.

14. Kirkjufell. You’ve not had the full tourist experience when visiting Snæfellsnes, unless you photograph this mountain from this exact angle.

15. Strokkur. Smaller eruption.

16. Hvitserkur. During my stay here, I’ve come across more seals than any other animal.

17. Hraunfossar. A fraction of a gorgeous waterfall.

18. Goðafoss. Another one of my more preferred waterfalls.

19. Snæfellsnes. This little one was completely nonchalant to my presence, only focusing on finding food.

20. Reynisfjara. Black sand beach colored back to a regular beach during sunset.

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