I’m Only 12 But I Love To Draw! Here Are Some Of My Favs!

by Musfirah Khurram
1 minutes read

I’m a redhead w/blue eyes and super fair skin supplemented w/bunches of spots. I’m a straight A student and love school. I need to be an Exotic Animpal Vetanarian when I grow up. Additionally I battle w/Social Anxiety, overly contemplative.

Done w/ watercolor super happy with how it turned out

Done during science while we were having a boring lecture about the dress code for the millionth time

These were also done during science

On the back of a nameplate they had us make

Did this for my friend who’s super into batman villains

I did a sqiggle and decided it would be a drawing

Idk rainbow danger noodle. He makes me happy tho

Done about a year ago

A character for a graphic novel I want to make. Idk about her name yet

Did this a couple years ago I don’t really like but…

Demon girl concept for the book

A sketch I did of the girl looking at that fish from earlier

That Bumblebee drawing? I made it a window thingy

This one is supposed to be on it’s side not done w/ it yet

Deer girl, so sorry she’s inverted like this I couldn’t get my camera to do it right

I was gonna draw a mermaid but stopped in the middle of it

Also Wings of Fire, an oc I made

Fanart for Wings of Fire, this is Bumblebee

Something I did for my trumpet cases’ tag

A ballpoint sketch that I added watercolor to

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