If I Didn’t Paint These ‘Into The Spiderverse’ Sneaker Customs, I’d Swear They Were Photoshopped

What you’re looking at is not Photoshop. My name is Gigi Rodgers (aka @pucknkhaos) and I spent 1.2 days transforming these all white, Jordan Air

Force Ones into custom art inspired by “Into the Spiderverse”.

The hardest part about doing sneaker customs, for myself, is the layout. It takes me a while to figure out exactly how I want to proceed.

So, the left shoe takes 1 day.

I’ll have the idea and process locked in.

And then the right shoe will take only 2-3 hours.

But I’ve only been at this for 9 months.

I’m sure I’ll get faster and better as time goes by.

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