I Used A Mix Of Concrete And Dish-Washing Detergent To Build This Amazing Dome House In Costa Rica

Some time ago, I have decided to live in Montezuma, a charming hippie-surf-town in Costa Rica. I wanted to build a dome shaped house. Not common dome but something with some X-factor, with some uniqueness.

No one had an idea about what I am going to do. Even when I discussed my idea to my architect then he laughed. He thought me crazy and weird. It was the time to work upon the major idea.

We decided to make dome with some unique material. Foam from washing detergent mixed with concrete. Density was balanced and number of blocks was decided. Total 1200 blocks were required for the construction.

Most of the days we used to start at 6 in the morning. I worked with workers throughout the construction. They were so motivated and devoted to work. Their innovative ideas and dedication to work made me feel like magic had happened.

I never thought that it will take more money than I expected. Moreover, it took more hard work than I thought it would take. BUT hard work paid off. We created something out of the world. That creation made others inquisitive about the material we were using. Undoubtedly, this gave me fame, attention and admiration.

Ideas, designs and craftiness that was coming into my mind was awesome. I did most of that by myself but many of my friends helped me in that. I was happy for this that my friends were helping me in craftiness and designing of house.

Now, All tiresome has paid off and we are done with our home. Still, I am unable to believe that we have created such a marvel. There are many tales to tell about.

Now you can book Green moon lodge. 65 USD per night is an initial amount for it.

Just waiting for hosting you people at such a hypnotizing place.

The bedroom dome with large lounge windows for jungle gazing

Set in the middle of the jungle, only 3 minutes from the beach

Under the starry night sky.

That’s me, Katrin. So happy with that wonderful place

And this is how it looked at the beginning. Foundation work

My contractor and architect

Testing, testing, testing the foam. And some bubble fun

Mixing the foam into the concrete… full power!

The handcrafted molds for the blocks. Pouring in the aircrete and after one day the blocks can be removed and laid out to cure

The first layers of blocks are done! Getting the hang of it

Things are taking shape…

We cut out the holes for the windows

Lookin’ good!

Dusting off and finally adding some color

We did it! Me and my incredible helpers. The core team was three of them, the rest supported a little here and there

And this is it, the Green Moon Lodge in Montezuma, Costa Rica. It is a stunning one-bedroom home for design lovers and now available for rent