Human Ken Doll Reveals What He Used to Look Like Before Having 70 Surgeries

In the present day and age, it’s quite simple to modify and change your appearance.

As a result of their simple openness, restorative strategies are blasting and, obviously, there are consistently the individuals who take their adoration for plastic medical procedure excessively far.

Rodrigo Alves, referred to more generally as “The Human Ken Doll,” has burned through a huge number of dollars upgrading his whole face and body utilizing corrective medical procedure. The Brazillian local was constantly troubled and awkward in his own skin and is persuaded that he was conceived in an inappropriate body.

Also, presently, Rodrigo has opened up about his childhood and has shared photographs of what he resembled before he at any point went under the blade… furthermore, he is just unrecognizable.

Rodrigo Alves – The Human Ken doll.


Having gone under the blade more than multiple times, the thirty-six-year-old’s fixation on taking after the sparkling and etched plastic doll has plainly arrived at extraordinary new levels.

Disney initially inspired Rodrigo’s look.


He clarified, “I have consistently been an exceptionally imaginative individual, I grew up watching Disney motion pictures and I needed to resemble a ruler when I was a tyke.”

What’s more, from this vision, the Human Ken Doll was born.

This unique look has given him international fame.


Despite the fact that he was born in Brazil, Rodrigo migrated to London when he was nineteen and has since moved toward becoming fairly a TV character, hence rounding up a 800,000-in number Instagram following.

He has appeared on a variety of reality TV shows…


What’s more, caused contention when he featured in the British unscripted TV drama, Celebrity Big Brother, for utilizing racial slurs towards different housemates.

Despite the fact that Rodrigo proceeded to safeguard his 9-day stretch on the show, asserting that he had battled with not approaching his cell phone or loved ones.

Yet, despite his outlandish behavior…


His extreme “plastic” appearance is as yet the essential factor in his notoriety.

He was only seventeen when he underwent his first cosmetic procedure.


Speaking to The Sun, he said: “My first plastic surgery was at the age of 17 when I was diagnosed with gynecomastia, the growth of male breast and chest tissue.”

Tissue from his breasts was removed.


But Rodrigo knew that he wanted to have more work done.

“I had an operation to remove the excess tissue. I knew then that plastic surgery was available, but I was far too young for having all that I wanted doing which was to reinvent myself.”

However, his cosmetic journey didn’t get off to the best start…


“While I was a student, I had my first few surgeries but with poor results. I was very young and I would just find surgeons online and go to the most expensive ones in Harley Street.”

He went under the knife several more times to perfect his look.

And he learned how to source professional and effective cosmetic surgeons. “This taught me that expensive doesn’t mean good quality,” he explained, “And that what makes a good surgeon is the practice.”

Rodrigo has since had around ten techniques… on his nose alone.

And once he had started, he couldn’t stop.


You name it, he’s had it.

Hair transplants, botox and fillers, pec inserts, liposuction, and rib evacuation are only a couple on Rodrigo’s concentrated method list.

He even had artificial abs implanted.


That’s right, that astonishing six-pack was really etched by a specialist, with the silicone inserts costing him a stunning $26,000.

Rodrigo got his dream body virtually overnight.

Though he is the first to admit that his muscles are somewhat deceiving. Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said, “People say to me that I look so fit, but darling, my abs are fake. I have silicone implants. My arms are fake and full of filler.”

However, this glamorous image holds a dark secret.


Rodrigo was never agreeable in his own skin and endured because of menaces all through his youth and immature years.

Rodrigo has suffered from insecurities about his appearance since he was a child.

He was picked on tirelessly by his peers, who mocked his “boobs” and pelted him with jibes about his weight and figure. On top of all of that, he was targeted for his “big nose” and was subsequently nicknamed “potato nose” and “jelly belly.”

He recently opened up about his childhood traumas.

“I do not like to focus on the past because it makes me upset,” he said, speaking on the British TV show, Loose Women, last August. He also claimed that he had been “pushed down the stairs and had my face pushed against the wall.”

“Growing up I felt alone as nobody wanted to be friends with me. Because of my body image and the fact that I was shy, I avoided social situations.”

Years of bullying took a noticeable toll on Rodrigo.

And, after his appearance started to vastly change, he was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, an anxiety disorder that causes a person to have a distorted view of how they look and worry obsessively about their appearance.

The diagnosis came after family members became worried about his quickly-changing appearance.

And he was subsequently urged to see a therapist about his surgery addiction.

“I had cognitive behavioral therapy, which helped me to understand myself.”

Rodrigo hated the way that he looked.

And he felt that cosmetic surgery was the only way he could be his “true self.”

“In my dreams, I look a certain way, but then getting up in the morning and looking at myself in the mirror I didn’t recognize myself. This was why I carried on having surgeries, seeking out the best doctors in the USA, Brazil, Europe, and the Middle East to help me become my true self.”

His cosmetic journey hasn’t all been smooth sailing, however…


In 2016, Rodrigo got a disease after the 6th of his ten nose employments. It left him incapable to inhale and his face started spoiling ceaselessly.

His body dismissed the new nose and he endured corruption — a disease that sees the skin tissue pass on and shrink away.

Luckily, Rodrigo recovered.


And he has now become a cosmetic ambassador, channeling his work into breaking the taboos around cosmetic procedures.

“I have been honored by the Aesthetic Academy in the USA and from now on I am will be speaking openly about plastic surgery to break the taboos and to teach people from my own experiences in a simple and easy-going way without medical terminology.”

Though Rodrigo isn’t the only person to make headlines over this topic… one mom has recently come under fire for urging her teenage daughter to have cosmetic surgery because “ugly people get nowhere.”

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