Hilarious Twitter Thread Of Things People Would Steal To Mildly Inconvenience Their Victims

The world that we have worked for ourselves is brimming with convenient devices and items that we use to make our lives simpler and progressively agreeable. Entirely cool, would it say it isn’t? However there is a drawback to this accommodation. We have turned out to be so dependent on every one of these things in our everyday lives that if they somehow managed to be detracted from us, we would battle to realize how to live without them!

This facetious Twitter discourse, started by Yowie Wowie, divertingly totals up this circumstance by asking: “You are a criminal yet as opposed to taking things you do things that are somewhat badly designed to your exploited people. What are you taking?”

From telephone chargers to Tupperware, Wifi code stickers and bathroom tissue, these shrewdness prodigies are resolved to discover individuals’ shortcomings and adventure them to the most extreme!


Yowie Wowie, whose genuine name is Keifer, is a New York-based Trinidadian who fills in as a performer. He truly didn’t anticipate that his tweet should explode as it did, and has delighted in perusing the reactions. “I was interested to perceive what other individuals would think of,” he revealed to Bored Panda. “They were humorous!”



Things like cleanser, lotion, hair brushes, shower gel, and conditioner made the best 20 rundown of things ladies couldn’t live without, while things like going on a get-away, their sisters, their fathers, and sex fell further down the rundown.

On the flipside, after TV, 36.5 percent of men said they couldn’t live without their accomplices pursued by their beds (35.5 percent) and their vehicles (32.5 percent).



The study also showed that the average person would be willing to shell out more than £4,000 (about $6,250) so they wouldn’t have to live a year without their favorite thing. Why would anyone go a whole year without brushing their teeth?




Because of his affection for music, Keifer disclosed to us that the thing that he most fears losing is his valuable earphones. Be that as it may, what would you be able to live without? As per Bustle, an investigation was directed by UK-based credit administration ‘Loaning Stream’ where almost 2,000 British grown-ups were approached to name the things in life that they couldn’t live without.



For men, most of them (40 percent) said their TV was the most significant thing in their life, while about 50 percent of ladies said it was their toothbrush.








Chris deBoer, CEO of Lending Stream which carried out the study said: “This is a refreshing snapshot into the attitudes of people and how they choose to spend their money.


“Far from being extravagant with money, it is the simple things in life that they can’t live without.”



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