Heartwarming Moment When Blind Autistic Boy Meets Santa for the First Time Leaves Everyone in Tears

A regular old mom of very special little boy; Misty Wolf shares an incredible bond of love with her son Matthew who is blind and autistic. Misty loves being by her son’s side as he discovers new experiences.

Although it is heart warming but raising a child suffering from autism and blindness does have its challenges. And not everyone is understanding of the challenges Misty and her son face on a daily basis.

That’s why Misty was a bit reticent when she was taking Matthew to meet Santa for the first time. Matthew however was over the moon.His mom feared that some people there might not be able to understand Matthews special needs.

“He is blind and autistic and is very interested in Santa,” she whispered into Santa’s eat as they walked up to him.

Santa’s mere three word reply melted Misty’s heart and cleared her fears.

Say no more,” he said her as he shifted to the floor to sit next to Matthew.

Matthew and Santa bonded immediately and kept talking for a long time. Santa let Matthew touch his and his outfit to feel what his appearance is like.

When Santa asked Matthew if he wanted anything else, Matthew replied, “Your eyes that twinkle,” a line from the classic poem,  “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.”

Santa happily let Matthew touch his eyes, never pulling away or trying to stop Matthew.

Then Santa took Matthew to feel a reindeer for the first time.

“It was great,” Misty exclaimed. “My heart was full seeing Matthew so interested. Best Santa ever!”

“Matthew is now 6,” she said. “He was a 24 week preemie. His twin brother did not survive. Matthew spent 111 days in NICU. There he developed stage 5 ROP due to the amount of oxygen he was given to survive. He brain scans told the doctors that Matthew would never walk or talk”.

She ended her comments with “But…God had other plans.”

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