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Guy With Depression Shares The Hidden Messages His GF Leaves For Him, And 292k People Love Them

Twitter user AshciR posted about his lover’s notes. These little, lovely notes helped him to fight aginst his seasonal depression. It all about real love.

His post got so many likes, hits and retweets. About 50,000 retweets and near 292,200 hits. Do not scroll down while eating or drinking. Otherwise it will cause you a very bad choking.

One Twitter user, who suffers from seasonal depression, shared that his girlfriend leaves him cute messages around the house

His girlfriend is very kind-hearted and has a good sense of humor

Aschir’s girlfriend was such a nice girl. She absolutely had a very kind heart. Her good sense of humor make me laugh so hard. THE sentence “I love when you poop” was just amazing.

Anyone who is having depression or seasonal affect disorder can tell you the importance of support by his loved ones. Seasonal affect disorder which is also known as winter blues can be treated with love, care and support.

Mental Health America describes that SAD is a “sub type of depression or bipolar disorder that occurs and ends around the same time every year.” While SAD mostly starts in autumn, there are cases when people suffer from it even in spring or summer.

Around 1 in 20 people living in the United States experience seasonal depression; and around 80% of those affected by SAD are women. It occurs when person come across light. It can be treated by bright light therapy. Anti depressants can also work. Obviously, love and care as already have been mentioned is the most harmless method.

People were amazed by how strong the couple’s relationship is

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