Girl Tells Guy Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work, He Shuts Her Down By Listing Calories She Doesn’t Count

by Sabahat Waheed
1 minutes read

Counting calories and dieting are correspondent to each other. It is a good one technique to lose weight by counting the number of calories in food. The root of this method is science. It says, “If you will lose more number of calories, you will ultimately lose weight.” Factors like age, fats, carbohydrates all influence the procedure.

According to NHS , Man needs 2,500kcal a day and woman needs 2,000kcal a day. One has to fulfill this much calorie consumption. Eat healthy and be happy. Just consume above mentioned number of calories. Do not even worry about the weight loss.

Daily steamed vegetables with meat is really a boring task. One should be creative in choice of food. Creativity and low- calorie food! what a perfect match!!! Internet replied in following way:

Book of low calorie recipes

Just eat, Do not starve

Cute comments!! A big NO

Here’s what people had to say about the savage response

Extra- serving

Lost 145 lbs

Dropping 50 pounds in year

From obese to skinny

Pickles vs. chocolate craving

Fat slob

Force to look into a mirror

Reading calories on food

Prefer eating and drinking a lot

Arithmetic holds

Dietitian’s recommendation

Calorie count works

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