Funny Illustrations About Giraffes And Their Daily Life Struggles By Talented Japanese Artist Keigo

Life would be unbelievably peculiar and troublesome on the off chance that you were a creature, with numerous new every day issues that you couldn’t start to envision. That is one of the messages that gifted Japanese craftsman Keigo is attempting to send.

To liven up your harvest time day at work or school, here are the best and most clever giraffe outlines by Keigo about these creatures’ day by day battles. These drawings are certain to make you grin, so appreciate, share them with your companions, and upvote your preferred ones.


As indicated by Dosomething.org, giraffes hold the title of the tallest warm blooded animals Earth. Also, their legs are amazingly long, about up to an individual is tall. Be that as it may, a giraffe’s neck is too short to even think about reaching the ground to drink water, so it needs to bow. It really is great then that they just need to drink water at regular intervals, as they get a lot of water from the plants that they eat.


According to Keigo, he “used to draw animals which have the characteristic of “long,” such as giraffes and crocodiles. But Sloths have the aspect of “time”, and the characteristic of “not moving much.”

“Using the sloth as the main character, I am interested in how to visualize the concept of “time” in a single piece of art. Sloths are very cute, but more than that, I am strongly attached to the fact how it gave me new ideas to express. In real life, I have a cat and that’s my favorite animal,” the illustrator revealed.


“Speaking of drawing, I’m interested in animals that have extreme physical characteristics. It all started from the point where I tried to incorporate those characteristics like “too slow”, “too long” into a drawing, and expressed what happens when those characteristics are incorporated into human society.”

“Animals are personified and therefore everything is expressed exaggeratedly, but more than trying to draw the animals to make them look cute, I am always thinking about how I can express everything in a single piece of drawing.”


Keigo told that he isn’t a talkative person, but has always “loved” drawings since he was a small child. He disclosed that he knew he could “express anything” through his drawings.

“I had dreamt of making it my job, but I experienced setbacks right after I entered art college. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to transmit my work via SNS and receive comments from people all around the world.”


“I am not very much experienced myself, but I have previously taught drawing to students who aspire to enter art college. Personally, I believe that it is important for them to not only focus their interests in art, but to store knowledge and always have awareness of surrounding issues.”

Keigo said that he doesn’t have exact plans for the future yet. But the artist added: “As I previously published my book in three countries in Asia, my next goal is to publish in the US.”
















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