“Friend Asked Me To Catsit. She’s A Bit Of A Germophobe So This Was The Natural Thing To Do”

Mysophobia, otherwise called germophobia, bacillophobia and bacteriophobia, is an obsessive dread of tainting and germs. Manifestations incorporate a fixation on sanitation, a need to clean unnecessarily and an antipathy for individuals contacting your stuff.

So when Iva, from Bulgaria, approached her companion Petar to watch cats for her, Petar brazenly set about having a ton of fun with her fear by taking selfies around the house, fingering an assortment of stuff.

“I can’t say her germophobia is a condition or a severe state,” Petar assured. “More of an always-have-to-have-coasters kind of person, or no-shoes-in-the-house. We joke about it a lot, she tags along with it.”

“She didn’t ask me specifically not to touch her stuff, she even let me stay at hers for a week while she was away and I was looking for a new flat! I was just hungover and had to wake up at 10am to feed her cats and felt a bit annoyed and wanted to wind her up as payment.” 

He positively prevailing with that! Contacting everything from pads to felines and lights, Petar’s hangdog, dull articulation while doing his devious deeds just adds to the cleverness of the post.

Even the cat’s stuff wasn’t safe from the finger! And we all know how fastidious felines can be… “There are two cats, a black one called Bonka and a white one called Stoycho,” Petar explained. “I had to do it over the weekend but it’s an ongoing thing. Whenever she is away either me or some of our friends goes and catsits.”

“I get along with the cats very well!”

What do you think? Do you know any germophobes? How would you figure they would respond to photographs of their stuff being contacted this way? Is germophobia even a chuckling matter, or would it be a good idea for us to pay attention to it more? Tell us your considerations in the remarks beneath!

Here’s how people reacted to the deadpan prankster

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