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Fashion failures that are so ridiculous that you don’t think they are real

Look, I’m not an expert in fashion. I purchase my clothes within driving distance of my apartment in one of the few convenient shops. I like being relaxed and being presentable. I’m not up to the recent trends in hips or what you have. But I’m going to venture to say when fashion is bad I can tell. When it is wretchedly failed Honestly, to know that the pictures you’re about to see are really hot messes, you don’t need a degree in fashion design.

These fashion decisions are sure to blow your mind, whether it’s poorly positioned words or graphics, confusing design positioning, or just straight-up ugliness. And not in the right manner. You would think with clothes that are mass-produced, like most of the designs in this gallery, a team of people has thought about it, played with the design, figured out what worked and what didn’t. Clearly, that didn’t happen with these.

These are cringe-worthy pictures.

They’re frightening. They are hideous at a level you may not even know was feasible

Club of Animal Cruelty

That’s why you’re not putting graphics on a hoodie too far! If you don’t want individuals to believe you’re clubbing baby seals for fun, you need to wear your hood up.

Ears of bunny

For those — dare I say it — that’s a strange placement, mighty saggy bunny ears.

Power of girl 

I mean, yeah, if I had five fingers on one side and six on the other, I’d have more girl power too.

I will give up

I mean, at least anyone wearing this shirt will be extra frank. The next one really is amazing … 


Ah yes, the Big Apple, New York City, the popular home of … the red phone booths that are all over London.

Let it not be touched

Clearly, the dude who designed this dress (yes, dude) didn’t believe of anyone walking behind the lady wearing it.

Leggings of bruise

When I saw this picture for the first time, my initial thought was, “Where is the clothing? Ouch!”


Note to everyone: if you’re wearing this shirt, make sure it’s warm enough not to wear a sweatshirt outside.

Donut’s back

I doubt anyone who intended this dummy costume meant looking as dirty as it does for the back, but we’re here.

High fashion

You can’t tell me individuals were watching this man walking down the runway and they were like, “Ah yes, very fashion. Highbrow. Fascinating.”

Keep it local

Hmm. If only in the term “LOCAL” there was a letter that actually came like the Lousiana state form. Wait, there’s two of them.

Pee pants

Sorry, the second time you’re putting these on, it’ll look like you’re peeing your pants. I’m not creating the laws! I’m only laughing at them.


Not sure what introverts are the individuals who intended this jacket. What it ought to say is, “I am an introvert. Allow me to be alone!” The next one is amazing.

Did hurt your back knife?

Nothing about this shirt makes a true individual wearing something. From top to bottom it’s just terrible.

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