Family Accidentally Texts Baby News To Complete Strangers, They Pay Them A Visit And Bring Gifts For The Baby

by Sabahat Waheed
1 minutes read

Usually, accidentally done messages end up with “sorry, no problem.” But this was totally strange. Lindsey and Mark Lashley were too excited for their baby Cason Knox’s birth. When Lindsey was giving birth to child. Mark’s mother was updating to a stranger.

Teresa thought that She was texting in her family group. But she was updating some Mr. Dennis Williams. He was not aware of who was Teresa. Although he was happy to see them all happy.

Dennis and his brother Deorick thought to congratulate newly parents for their baby.

“Daily mail online” came to know by Mark that he had never thought they are going to welcome a stranger to the room where their baby boy has born.

When his friend told him that some other people are coming to meet the. He was astonished. On asking, he came to know from Dennis that he was texted randomly. So he has come to congratulate them.

Here is the conversation that started everything

When Mark and Lindsey came to know about the kindness of unknown people. They appreciated their act of kindness.

Mark further described that his mother was still thinking that she was talking to his cousin. We did not have any idea that we were inviting some random people to congratulate us and to gift us.

People thought the whole situation was as heartwarming as it was funny

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