Emma Chawner From Xfactor Looks Like This Now!

Emma Chawner was a contestant for the famous TV show Xfactor. She gave her auditions in 2007. She was sure she will win the judges over;but it did not go she planned. Second time she tried again, failing once again.

The first time Emma wore a dress she looked more like a bride than a popstar. She tried the song “My heart will go on” but half way through se lost it, her nerves could not handle the pressure. But her performance was mind blowing to say the least.

Since she lost in her auditions, Emma and her family made it into reality tv shows and even appeared on Jeremy Kyle’s show, after her mother abandoned the family and became abusive towards all the family members.

Emma and her family are facing some difficulties in their family life, Emma’s mother disappeared in night without saying a word, Emma also told that her mother used to abuse Emma and her sister emotionally and physically.

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