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Don’t Leave These Endangered Animals In The Dust

Phoenix, AZ based photographer/digital artist Susan Schmitz is disclosing another gathering titled “In The Dust”. The pictures show jeopardized natural life creatures rising up out of dust storms, which is intended to symbolize the progressing endeavors being made by preservation associations internationally to help increment their populace so the species are not left in the residue.

The creatures in the arrangement were shot on safari in Africa and at the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation, where they will be in plain view beginning on September 15, 2019.

Southern White Rhino In The Dust

African Elephant In The Dust

African Lion In The Dust

African Wild Dog In The Dust

Beisa Oryx In The Dust

Grevy’s Zebra In The Dust

Mexican Gray Wolf In The Dust

Rothschild’s Giraffe In The Dust

White-Backed Vulture In The Dust

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