Desperate Attempt to Escape Mosh Pit Looks Exactly like Moshing

Shpwgoer Timothy Boyce was caught in a mosh pit because of his own fault after his terrified and forceful yelling.
He spent 20 mins in the bathroom while the following band was setting up said her friend Anna. When he was politely walking back from bathroom towards the crowd, when the band suddenly yelled that they’re the blood from OHIO and screw the venue. Her friend also stated that it was terrifying and it resembles to watch somebody suffocate.

The struggle of Boyce heightened immediately when his baffled protest was taken as induction of a particular rowdy pit.
Her friend concluded that Tim is awkward with more people and he keep distance where there is a chance of hurting. The situation was like a frog catch a fly out of the air. He was forced in.
I thought to call him but it was a tough situation to pick a call in that hell.